Track Soup

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  Winter tracking is almost too easy. Every fresh snowfall and nature has a clean canvas on which to paint a story. Most stories involve animals trying to find something to eat, animals trying to eat other animals, animals running … Continued

The walker of the snow

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Snowfall from Frank Ritcey on Vimeo.   There is an excellent poem by Charles Dawson Shanly called “The Walker of the Snow” and it comes to mind whenever I am out on a hike and there is more trail than … Continued

One good deed

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I believe we should all do at least one good deed in our lifetime (no point in getting carried away with the whole concept). With that in mind, I think I have now done something that will put me over … Continued

A Big Big Year

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In the birding world a lot of folks take part in a Big Year – this is a year where they try to get as many species as possible. I’ve started a competition called a Big Big Year, where people … Continued

Moose Hunting in Wells Gray Park

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Wells Gray Park was originally set aside for hunters and fishers to enjoy their sports in pristine wilderness settings. This book, written by my father and York Edwards was very thorough and I imagine poured over by Vancouverites as they … Continued

Tracking 101

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The conditions were ideal for tracking today. A deer, probably a buck mule deer given the drag marks, and the location of the tracks – but it could be whitetail. This is a coyote, given its size (too small for … Continued

The lungs of the earth

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I was walking in the snow the other day and a leaf caught my attention for awhile. The veins reminded me of a representation of a lung. I thought, “How appropriate.” Leaves, in all their thousands of millions of forms … Continued