Goodnight Irene!

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Okay, this post is nothing about the old Leadbelly Classic but instead is just what came to me when I was looking at yesterday’s post. It is also a saying that my mother’s family would use to explain the hopelessness … Continued

Good morning world

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Okay, I’ve got a good coffee buzz going and I’m chilling out to some classic Johnny Cash, the coding is going along well and I’ve just prepared and enjoyed a continental breakfast with my good wife. The sun is starting … Continued

The mark of an artist

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Okay I missed yesterday’s entry but then I had a great excuse. Lot’s of head-banging trying to get one simple procedure to work on my database project, dealing with transferring web domains with a company that couldn’t quite understand what … Continued

Hidden in the Midden

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And another busy day draws to a close. I had to pull an all-nighter working on some code that wouldn’t co-operate and didn’t get it to work until the wee hours of morning. A couple hours of shut-eye and then … Continued

Photo finish

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Well another KNC AGM has come and gone, and no, that isn’t a bowl of alphabet soup but the Kamloops Naturalist Club’s Annual General Meeting. It’s nice when you belong to an organization especially at my advanced age and are … Continued


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Tim and Janice came over for a most enjoyable dinner -well, the company was most enjoyable but I think the rice in the jambalaya was overcooked – nice tang to the spice but I should have followed my own instructions … Continued

Norsk Latkes

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So today we are seeing what the Cowboy in the Kitchen was cooking over the holidays. I made these a couple of times and they have become the number one requested item at the Ritcey breakfast table – the previous … Continued

On the trail

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On the trail with Frank Ritcey It was one of those hikes that I knew was going to go bad but my morbid sense of curiosity made me play out the hand. The first bit of fore-shadowing was the fact … Continued

My first posting

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How’s that for an original title? Many years from now I’ll look back and say – boy I nailed that one. Anyhow I am sure I will be able to erase this at some point.