Yellow canoe – emerald waters

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The Red Wheelbarrow by William Carlos Williams so much dependsupona red wheelbarrowglazed with rainwaterbeside the whitechickens I had a very good English professor at UBC way back in the dark ages, I think shortly after Shakespeare had packed it in … Continued

Secret Places

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 the secret Burl forest my daughter, the tree hugger! I keep threatening to write a book called “Frank’s Secret Places.” The downside to such a book of course is then the secret is out – the upside is that you … Continued

The party’s all over

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Marc and I off to Winnipeg where the magic is made the magicians: Anshuman Iddamsetty and Peter Morey – and if it isn’t Peter then it’s Paul Hodge, and if there had been a Mary on the staff then it … Continued

Okay I’m a big fat liar

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Me at CBC Had to break down and make one more quick post. I made it into the big smoke and wanted to share a couple of quick pictures. The producers at CBC are great – they make a fellow … Continued

So I lied!

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 The fire around which I like to sit and tell stories Okay, maybe lied is too strong a word, but I did say I wasn’t going to post another blog until my return from Vancouver – triumphant or otherwise. But … Continued

It’s show time!

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 I’m off to the rodeo! The astute reader will have noticed a decided increase in the number of postings to my blog. That is because I believe the story about the violinist who stops and asks a New York policeman … Continued

Tick Talk

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 a Rocky Mountain Wood Tick On my last hike into the mountains with my buddy Gerry Shea the noted author of hiking books and co-conspirator in the great “Contact Explosives” caper I think I mentioned that I was hunting for … Continued

Wheeler Mountain

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 Gerry on top of ridge see – two inches to spare! Gerry’s pic of the chimney My hiking buddy and longtime friend, and now famous hiking author – Gerry Shea – and I had a great day hiking up in … Continued