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A walk through the Lac Dubois grasslands presented an excellent canvas for tracking. Here we have a set of weasel tracks – possibly a short or long-tailed  weasel, but at best it would be a guess. The red lines denote … Continued

A hike with Raven and Karma

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Captain’s log, stardate 2017 – We’ve just left the alpha-centauri sector. . . No wait, that is another entry I have to finish for my other job. This entry is a little more exciting. Raven, Karma and I went for … Continued

Moose and deer

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This video is a combination of two clips taken from a trail camera. They show the relative size of a moose and deer.

Now I’m really gone!

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Me and Ricco before being famous So I checked my email this morning and I had a very good song suggestion by one of my co-workers from many years back. Alanna, with whom I worked in the newspaper business, has … Continued

Farewell and adieu

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Sunset last evening over Kamloops Lake I had hiked out to my favourite little corner of Kenna Cartwright Park last evening – to get some more footage of the owls, stretch my legs and try to get my fix of … Continued

May day – May day!

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campfires are always a good source for inspiration Okay, that was the distress call used back in the old days of radio and is probably still in use today – although I have not seen it employed in anything that … Continued

Let the sun shine!

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 free heat – well almost free – probably a 3 year pay back where I live I know I don’t strike many of my new acquaintances as being much of an environmentalist – especially since over half of my wardrobe … Continued

Scrabble anyone?

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what was the score? Scrabble, or as we like to call it “Fight in a box”, is a great game for those long winter nights. Actually it’s a pretty good game anytime but there are many other outdoor interests that … Continued