Snow on stuff

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I had forgot my tripod on this last hike so I was relegated to taking freehand snaps. I did get a few good ones for a series I am calling “Snow on Stuff”. If I have to explain how I … Continued

You can help

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I need your help. I am preparing for a piece on CBC’s North by Northwest called “If you liked this, you’ll love this.”  It is a takeoff on Shelagh Rogers’ program that compares Canadian novels with similar international best-sellers.   … Continued

Walking with the giants

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Had a great hike today – even though, for the first time in many years, I came across another set of tracks out in the wilderness. I followed them to see if I could find out what the person’s intentions … Continued

My moustache

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From The Kamloops Cowboy Festival, many many years ago.   My Moustache from Frank Ritcey on Vimeo.

Mullen fasciation

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The mullen plant is an invasive plant but has been in North America for so long, some people consider it a native plant. It’s ability to produce seeds, about 200,000 per plant, and the ability of the seeds to remain … Continued

Big and small

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I am always amazed at the diversity one finds in the natural world. Take pause to enjoy the big and small of the tree world. This little tree growing up in the sub-alpine (near Fight Lake on Battle Mountain) is … Continued

Squirrel serenity

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Squirrely moment from Frank Ritcey on Vimeo. The red squirrel is like a built in security system for all the denizens of the forests. Somebody or something moves and a squirrel will announce it.