Cats and dogs

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Today’s hike was a welcomed break from all those household things that seem to never end. Bruce Walter, Mossy Mossberg, and I put on the snowshoes and went for a hike on the grasslands (or at least the dry Douglas … Continued

The promise of spring

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Found this compilation video I had made a few years back. The subjects are spring returnees and it is always fun to watch them when they return. Almost as much fun as reading “Tigers, Tumbleweeds and Trauma” 🙂 Sorry but … Continued

Hare, hare

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On the upside it was a warm(ish) day and I got to check out my new pair of snowshoes. I have picked up a bug of some type, and not a good bug like an antlion or a toe-biter, but … Continued

Ethical Photography

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The above clip is a collection of outtakes from a talk I deliver on all aspects of ethical wildlife photography and wildlife viewing. The talk is based on the idea that just because a person is packing a camera doesn’t … Continued