Every Christmas now, for many years, I have put together a quiz/contest for the Kamloops Naturalist Club, and although I am no longer a member, I still like to put this together.

The holidays are all about family and this contest is also about “families.”  Please note: Not all of the groupings are at a Family level (a few are at a bit higher level but you’ll figure it out).

The contest works like this: The video will show groups of three animals in sequence, you need to write down the full name of the animal and then what ‘family’ of animals this group of three represents. You might get a group that isn’t a group at the family level but maybe they are a group at the Order level.

You get five points for each animal correctly identified and ten points for each grouping that you correctly identify. You don’t need to be too concerned about the correct Latin term, e.g. if you said the group was “bears” instead of “Ursidae” then that would be close enough. You’re on the honour system anyhow so mark it however you like.

You’ll probably need a legal sheet of paper to record all your answers. There should be fourteen groups of three for a total of forty-two species.

Let me know how you did in the comments section.

(Answer sheet can be found at www.frankritcey.com/answers next week)

And a Christmas shopping tip – last minute, best gift ever for the reader in your life: Tigers, Tumbleweeds and Trauma. (okay, maybe a bit of hyperbole employed there – let’s go with “a pretty good book for the money”).