Judging books by their cover

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Mom is visiting with Raven and I for a few days and for her visit I made sure that I had launched her book (Scattered Memories of the Upper Clearwater Valley) on Amazon in time for her visit. Mom had always enjoyed reading and later on in life she turned her hand to writing books. This was her latest effort, and unfortunately, because of her failing eyesight, might well be her last.

While one really doesn’t expect to burn many mortgages with the proceeds from book sales in Canada, it is always fun to see that people from far and wide are reading your book and enjoying it. This is definitely the case for mom and I as we check our on-line sales from Amazon everyday to see if we have made another sale, where it was from, and what format. Kindle (the book printing and selling arm of Amazon) allows you to sell in a variety of formats: hard cover, soft cover, e-book, and then an e-book that is part of the Kindle subscription service where people get to read your book for free (provided they are a subscriber to their service).

I haven’t seen any sales yet beyond Canada and the US, but I am hopeful that we will break into the Australian and European markets shortly. Mom’s stories of growing up in the Canadian wilderness should prove popular in Germany and I thought the Australian sense of humour would find my stories to be “fair-dinkum.”

I imagine speaking tours and book readings will be in order this summer, but for now Mom and I shall continue to watch the book sales counter slowly edge upwards.

Mom (left) was far more interesting than Annie Oakley or Calamity Jane.

Mom’s book is available here.

My book is available here.

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