Hare, hare

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The last day of 2022 seemed to be a good day to go check our “Lynx” cameras. Bruce Walter managed a capture of a lynx on one of his cameras but I ended up with hundreds of hares, a couple of hundred squirrels, a hunter, and one coyote. Lynx move around a lot so one needs to put up cameras where their food is and then hope a lynx comes by.

On the upside it was a warm(ish) day and I got to check out my new pair of snowshoes.

I have picked up a bug of some type, and not a good bug like an antlion or a toe-biter, but a bad bug like a cold or infection in my throat. I am a horrible patient as I do not enjoy being sick (does anyone?) and I would much rather be out hiking than convalescing. On the upside, and their sometimes is an upside, I will start work on my third book today – Tales from the Outdoor Guy. This third book is about a variety of wildlife topics and will include some of my adventures while trying to learn more about the animals that we share this planet with.

Most of you have only heard of book number one, Tigers, Tumbleweeds, and Trauma. Book two is a children’s book that is currently with an illustrator and will be lots of fun for grandparents, parents, and probably children too. It should be out sometime this summer or fall or maybe in time for Christmas. Book three I am hoping to have hit the shelves by early summer but then I hope for a lot of things that don’t necessarily happen.

The trail was in good shape as a snowmobile had been over it a couple of weeks ago.
Bruce is in charge of the GPS – I have one but I tend to rely on good luck to find my camera.
Once off the beaten trail, the snow was deep (but not crisp or even).
The sun came out and reminded me why I need to spend more time in the great outdoors.


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