A fond farewell and an experiment

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My friend, Sheryl McKay, will be retiring as the host of BC’s most popular radio program, North By Northwest, at the end of December. Sheryl has worked with CBC for over 40 years, and as she is far too young and energetic for a rocking chair, Netflix, and jigsaw puzzles, she will instead be launching a podcast “Listen with Sheryl McKay.”

The above was the ‘fond farewell’ and now for the ‘experiment’ part of this post. I usually tag my posts here to my Facebook page and I get a good number of visitors. I won’t link to this until closer to the end of the month and I will monitor how many people make it to here on their own. You could help me by commenting below. Cheers.

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  1. Shelly Kerwynn

    Hi Frank. Shelly Kerwyn from Whistler and a friend if Mike. I don’t do Facebook but I really enjoy the work you do. I will always follow you if you present this format.
    Mike tells me you now live in Merritt. I hope you managed to escape the flood. I was looking after Betty Muench who used to live on Rosewood and is now in a seniors complex. I was to have travelled home via the Duffy when it opened but during the night I woke up after having a bad dream of being swept off a road. My daughter even called me and said she didn’t feel right about me travelling. So I held back and sure enough it was the day that terrible slide hit the Duffy.
    You and I have met ages ago. Marie Muench were really good friends and also made it out to your grandparents place at Clearwater. A while back I read an article in Beautiful BC on the old home. It had sadly fallen into disrepair.
    Mike also said, I think it was your gran who’d written a booklet. I’d love to find a copy.
    Anyways, take care and I look forward to to more of your offerings.

    • FR@nk

      HI Shelly – I remember Louise Muench as she was in the same grade as I was. It was my mother who wrote the book but they are out of print now. I will let you know when I get it moved over to Amazon and you can order it directly then. I’ll be posting to this site on a more regular basis so there will be a fair bit more to see.

      Thanks for the note.

    • FR@nk

      Thanks, I think Sheryl and I have been doing this for about eight years now. Meeting folks through NXNW has been a really positive experience for me as NXNW listeners tend to share a lot of my outlooks on life.

  2. Michele Sealey

    Hi Frank! I don’t really use Facebook either. I came here via Sheryl mentioning your website on the air.
    So I suppose for your experiment that I made it here on my own, with a boost from Sheryl.
    Happy to have found you here, and will continue enjoying. 🙂

    • FR@nk

      Hi Michele – glad to meet you via this page. I’ll be posting here on a much more regular basis. Facebook has a lot of good points but is not really the proper forum so many of the discussions that I see there. Cheers, Frank

  3. Sue Gavel

    I have always enjoyed hearing you on NXNW and will miss you as well as Sheryl. Hopefully the 2 of you will have more hikes in the future. Thank you.

    • FR@nk

      I think she’ll be up for a hike in the spring. And happy to hear that you’ve got some enjoyment from our past talks.

  4. Linda Bateman

    We have both enjoyed your contribution to NXNW! It is so wonderful that you have a friendship with our beloved Sheryl!

  5. Jon Heaney and John Cowan

    Good morning Frank, thanks so much for posting these beautiful pictures, by bringing us closer to the wonders of B C ‘S natural world, on Sheryl’s program, and by presenting photos of Sheryl, yourself, and June. It is a wonderful tribute. We will certainly miss your wonderful contributions to her show, and of course we will certainly miss Sheryl, but we wish her all the very best in her new venture. She celebrates the best of us all. Thanks again

    • FR@nk

      I’ll still be posting things from time to time, and this website/blog will have lots of outdoorsy stuff to follow. Glad you’ve enjoyed our virtual visits over the years.

  6. Barbara Schoeber

    Always loved your visits with Sheryl and your video snippets – we hiked Cinnamon Ridge – Kamloops after listening to one of your visits. Lovely area. Thank you

  7. Ann

    Found it! Will miss Sheryl and you having great talks on the hikes you’ve taken together. Always fun to listen to, and I’ve learned a lot from you too.

  8. Maureen Foss

    What delightful pictures on this bleak winter’s day. Thank you.

    I will miss Sheryl first thing in the morning when I take my coffee back to bed and listen.

    • FR@nk

      I normally get to listen to her when I am on my way out into the field for another hike or adventure of some type. Dark winter mornings are another matter.

  9. Celia King

    Have loved your chats with Sheryl over the years, and also the hikes. You are such a good guide, and Sheryl so enthusiastic and interested.Thank you!

  10. Joan

    I always enjoyed listening to you a Sheryl, you both seemed to be having so much fun.

  11. Nancy B

    Hi Frank, I first heard about you from Sheryl on NXNW. I love your photos and will continue to follow with interest.

    I just heard Sheryl being interviewed by Amy Bell (filling in on CBC Radio’s BC Today) and I heard Sheryl say she’s hoping for more hikes with you. So maybe we’ll hear more of you on Sheryl’s podcast, and see more of Sheryl on your website!

    Thank you for sharing your love of nature so generously.

  12. Dave Kellett

    I’ve enjoyed your videos, posted on the NXNW facebook page. I love seeing wild life in B.C., and I enjoy seeing natural scenes from around B.C., also in different seasons. Here in Vancouver city, we occassionally see wild animals: a seal in the sea, a coyote walking down a street, and in the garden, a young rat, a small mouse darting under a bush.

    • FR@nk

      Yep, I’m always amazed and gladdened when I find wildlife in an urban setting. Glad you’ve enjoyed the videos.

  13. Wendy Zink

    Hello Frank- great photos! I have always enjoyed your visits with Sheryl on NXMW and will most definitely miss listening to the both of you on the weekends! I will have to get up to speed on accessing podcasts to keep up with Sheryl!
    All the best for 2023!
    Wendy Zink
    Victoria, BV

    • FR@nk

      It’s great that you can still catch Sheryl on her podcast and when we get back out in the hills the pics will show up here. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the shows.

  14. Ann Harmer

    Thanks, Frank, for sharing your knowledge and interest with CBC listeners around the province. I expect you’ll still be hiking with Sheryl in the years to come, so this isn’t a sad goodbye, just a “see ya later!”

    • FR@nk

      You’re most welcome, although I don’t know how much knowledge I really have – it seems the more you learn the, more you realize how little you really know. And yes, Sheryl and I will be hiking together this spring (provided pandemics, fires and floods don’t interfere).

  15. Aneebal Valente

    Love your posts Frank and your many talks on Sheryl’s show, I hope you l will continue doing them.

  16. Gwen M

    Always wondered, when I heard you, what you looked like…now I know. I will miss Sheryl’s warm, wonderful voice and her genuine interes/ in people so much. At the same time I am very happy with the choice made for her replacement, and it would be great if Margaret will invite you back every once in a while.

    • FR@nk

      Yes, Margaret is a great choice. She has talked with me in the past when filling in for Sheryl and, like Sheryl, is ideally suited to the job.

  17. Frieda

    Found my way here feom NXNW page on Facebook.

    Sheryl’s voice was a weekend staple in our household, a home of new immigrants, and depicted a different side of Canadian life to someone like me, a teenage outkast who didn’t fit in at the best of times.

    I took a pause from CBC, to “party”, be a “true Canadian teen” and those few years of going to bed late had me missing mornings with NXNW.

    Party phase didn’t last long and I drifted back to my true nature: early bed times, reading and walks on the beach or in the forest. Now in my late-30s, living on Vancouver Island, loving my early bed times and catching Sheryl’s voice early on the weekends. It’s my original Canadian nostalgia.
    I don’t know how I shall cope when she is gone from the air. I suppose I have to re-run 40+ years of old podcasts!

    …or maybe follow her in her new adventures… if she feels like sharing.

  18. Lesley B

    Hello Frank! My husband and I have listened to Cheryl nearly every weekend since we moved here over 20 years ago. I love the connections on FaceBook with all the like minded people, like you, who are contributors and followers of NXNW.

  19. Christine Miller

    Sheryl and Frank have brightened many days with their light-hearted humanity!

    • FR@nk

      Kind words from a person who has brightened a many day herself. If you ever drive into the interior Christine you will need to stop by for a visit.

  20. Mary Anne F Ruf

    What a beautiful way to say farewell and best wishes to Sheryl! I came late to the party but have so looked forward every weekend since to tuning in and listening. These photos are wonderful, thank you for sharing. I am hoping to be able to listen to Sheryl’s podcast. And I hope to be able to see more of your wonderful photos Frank.

    Happy New Year!

    • FR@nk

      Once I dig myself out from under the holidays I should have lots of photos to share. I do have some “lynx” cameras set out so there might be some good ones in the future.

  21. Gayle Chandler

    Hi Frank,

    Along the way, years, I have so enjoyed hearing your strolls with Sheryl… My ears always perked up when I heard you would be on with your spin on your next trek. All the best to you both on your new chapters. Hopefully you’ll be on her new Podcast!

    Gayle C. Penticton

  22. Patricia

    So enjoyed your outdoor segments. You take us all along with you! Looking forward to hearing you a her podcast soon. Thank you@

  23. Rudiger Krause

    Thank you for your contributions to NXNW, including on the last day with Sheryl.

    • FR@nk

      Thanks for following. I’m looking forward to Sheryl’s podcast and to listening to Margaret in her role as host.

  24. shemmaho Daystar goodenough

    Hi FRank,
    You mentioned your website this morning on nxnw, and I looked it up right away. I am excited to have a way to see what you have done and what you are up to. I can’t use facebook, there is entirely too much to manage on that platform. I have totally enjoyed your segments with Sheryl, and look forward to keeping in touch thru this website.

    • FR@nk

      Glad you made it here. I will be posting on a more regular basis in the new year. Just digging out from all of my holiday projects.

  25. jane

    Hi thanks for the chance to connect like this and i would continue to do so.
    i went here because of nxnw this morning
    also hear you on kamloops
    live outside a little above the benches south of lillooet some of your
    adventures are very relatable to here
    looking forward
    thanks again

    • FR@nk

      There is some beautifully rugged country around Lillooet. Keep checking back as I should have some good pictures to share in the new year.

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