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As an ex-publisher/writer/sales-person/janitor in the small newspaper business, I always enjoy speaking to those still in the game. I had a chance to speak with Izaiah Reyes the Editor of the Merritt Herald (established 1905) last week just after my reading from Tigers, Tumbleweeds, and Trauma at the Merritt Public Library. It’s a much tougher game for print based newspapers nowadays than from when I was in the business – some 80 million years ago. Not only must the paper exist as a paper, it must also create a space in the digital world, so their work is twice as hard as it once was.

So I just wanted to give a shout out to the Merritt Herald, to thank them for covering not only my event, but for covering all the news and community activity in our area.

How many of you still have a community paper that is relevant in your area? (You’ll have to click on the fuzzy me if you want to see the full image).

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  1. Wendy Cameron

    If you were to do a reading at the Ashcroft Library we’d love to get out to meet you. I can’t travel to Kamloops to catch you there, unfortunately, but I love the stories you have shared on CBC Radio.

    • FR@nk

      I will talk to the librarian there. I always enjoy the opportunity to meet with readers and we love our drives up through Ashcroft and Cache Creek.

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