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Countries that have visited frankritcey.com

I was browsing through my Google Analytics page for my blog (it’s the part of Big-Brother that Big-Brother allows you to see) and I noticed a disturbing failing of my blog. And I know that those ‘wags’ amongst you will hasten to point out that there are many failings with my blog, but this is really something I have little control over, and for some reason it vexes me: I have not yet achieved world-wide readership. I don’t mean that every one of the eight billion people on this pale-blue dot should have visited my site, but I was hoping for at least one person from each of the 190 or so countries that are recognized by the UN, would have at least dropped by.

To date, Google informs me that I have had at least one visit from people in 110 different countries, which is, of itself, pretty cool. I however would really like to see if I can, through enlisting the help of my friends, make my total a little closer to 100% coverage.

My plan is to break up my quest into smaller, more manageable, goals and for now, I have my sights set on Greenland and Iceland. Given my Scandinavian roots I would have thought that at least one of my relatives would have looked up their far-flung relatives and happened upon my site. But no, they are conspicuous by their absence.

My hope is that you, or a friend of yours, has a friend in Greenland or Iceland, and you could persuade them to go to frankritcey.com. That’s it, they don’t have to buy anything, read anything, or watch anything – just going to the site will have Google clicking one more stat in my favour.

Please let me know in the comments section if you have any ideas how one might persuade a Greenlandian or an Icelander to visit this site.

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  1. Cathy (Grimm) Holman

    Go on someone’s blog in either, or both countries, and you may hear back, especially if you leave a comment. Look hp a far-flung relative.

    • FR@nk

      I should think that at least a couple of my Viking ancestors would have made it to either or both countries. Whether we are still on speaking terms is yet to be determined.

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