You can help

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I need your help. I am preparing for a piece on CBC’s North by Northwest called “If you liked this, you’ll love this.”  It is a takeoff on Shelagh Rogers’ program that compares Canadian novels with similar international best-sellers.


In my version I am telling people what BC animals/ecosystems can fill in for international targets for jet-setters. The theme is that for those of us that can’t afford to hop on a plane to go see leopards we can see something similar here at home. It is also a lot easier on the environment when we are not gobbling up petrol by the barrel-load in order to go see animals endangered by, apparently, too many people jumping on planes.


So let’s hear it – what would be the top species or eco-systems that you would like to see?


Mine would include, the Costa Rican jungle and those poison dart frogs.

  1. Richard Wright

    It has long been on my bucket list to see the migration of barren ground cariibou – similar to the migration of wildebeest I imagine. Richard