Big and small

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I am always amazed at the diversity one finds in the natural world.

Take pause to enjoy the big and small of the tree world.

This little tree growing up in the sub-alpine (near Fight Lake on Battle Mountain) is probably at least five years old and may grow to a height of 100 centimeters if all goes well.

The red cedar, by comparison, growing down in the Bella Coola Valley will grow as much (in terms of volume) in a year as it’s alpine cousin will in its life.

I believe that the little tree is a balsam but it could be a subalpine fir, but maybe one of my planty friends can set me straight on this. (Frank’s note: My friend Barbara helped me out on this one, and figures it’s a balsam fir, otherwise known as a Subalpine fir and she figures at least ten years of age. You can learn more about trees here.)


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