Okay I’m a big fat liar

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Me at CBC

Had to break down and make one more quick post. I made it into the big smoke and wanted to share a couple of quick pictures.

The producers at CBC are great – they make a fellow feel right at home, but they did ask me to return the pencils, pens and staplers which I really thought were complimentary. Actually it was quite an experience to be inside the CBC building and see where everything goes on in terms of putting together the news and all of the shows we love to listen to.

The writing went well I think – I just sort of blanked out when they set me in front of the computer and then I came to out on Georgia Street somewhere.

On to phase two of my plan which is to go out and enjoy the bright lights of the big city. Maybe some bravery in a bottle will help me with calming my nerves – or maybe it will just make me really hungover. Probably the latter but one should never jump to hasty conclusions.

Where it all takes place

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  1. Christine

    Saw you at the taping of Canada Writes — you smoked the other guys! In fact, you smoked them with your most excellent shirt before anybody even spoke a word. But the writing (and execution) were great too. Best of luck.

  2. Frank Ritcey

    Thanks Christine, it was pretty much my shirt that helped me over the top – but now everyone will be wearing one – guess I'll need my hat too in Winnipeg 🙂 🙂

    I thought the whole experience was great. Everybody there: producers, judges, writers and audience were really in tune I thought – like a big, okay – really big, kitchen party.

    Bittersweet to see the other writers leave the competition but very stoked about going to Winnipeg.

  3. Anonymous

    Listened to the show today and enjoyed your stories – a bit of a blast from the past. When I was explaining to a friend who you were and what you were like, I drew upon a story of a long ago trout fishing trip you, Tess and I took to the Stillwater Lakes. More grizzly bear fur than Douglas Fir on that occasion… Good luck in Winterpeg Frank.

  4. Frank Ritcey

    Thanks for bringing back that memory – that was even funnier than the time we were actually charged by a real bear. Give me a call sometime Jim.

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