That last glimmer of hope

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the last glimmer of hope

Well I thought I’d best get this blog entry in while there was still a glimmer of hope. If I wait til tomorrow I might have to write an all doom and gloom post and that just isn’t fun to read.

I arrived home yesterday to a message on – you guessed it – on my answering machine. It was a pleasant sounding lady from the CBC out in Montreal, asking me to call her back with regards to the “Canada Writes” competition. Now, I can’t be sure but she was either phoning me for the necessary phone interview to see if I would be a suitable candidate for a “game show” or she may have been phoning to ask that I quit submitting things to CBC literary contests.

Either way, I was a blip on the radar for a moment and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and then. . .

And then I drew a blank – I couldn’t remember which piece of prose I’d wowed them with. I knew it wasn’t in my sent files as you submitted via a form on the web so I had to search all of my files that had anything to do with CBC. It seems I’ve entered a lot of CBC contests in the last number of years, but adding a chronological sort along with a word search for CBC found the two most likely culprits – my “dog-gone” song – an homage to all dogs that have packed it in on film or in song, and then my pitch for my next great “B” movie -“The Attack of the Mutant Kreepy Krawlers”

After having re-read both submissions I have unfortunately concluded that CBC must have been calling to persuade me to give up writing in favour of something more in the realm of reality. Something like moose polo or rabid beaver toss.

Oh fame, you’re a cruel temptress.

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