Bite Me

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So I am going through some of my old video footage and I come across this one. It’s a mosquito that is feeding on my hand. It was as much a test of my will power as it was about getting the shot for the camera.

As you can see there were a few mosquitoes out that day. I have found it’s all a matter of mind control. If you can get your head into a certain zone, the mosquitoes really don’t bother you. When you think about it – their bites is really not all that painful. When you allow them to annoy you though – you are in for a world of hurt.

Just remember – that first frost of August, and they’re all gone. Yes I did say August, because up in the mountains that’s when you get your first frosts. I think there is a short period at the end of june and the first couple of weeks of June that are usually frost free.

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