A major undertaking . . .

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It’s a long way to Saskatoon

getting closer

the view from up here

Okay, it’s pretty sad when the biggest part of the hike is the running around the house trying to find where you last hid your hiking boots.

But that’s how it was this morning as I can’t seem to remember where I’d last stashed my boots at the end of the hunting season. I had to settle for a pair of my steel toed work boots. Boots which I am happy to say were up to the task.

Daughter Lisa, and her friend, Nick, agreed to toddle up the hill with the fat old man that I have become. Fortunately for me, they had been out partying most of the night and had some of that zip that young people exhibit worn off of them. The hike up Kenna Cartwright Park is a very pleasant one and I was glad to see so many vehicles in the parking lot.

There is nothing to comment on the hike except that you go up hill, stay on the access road/trail and eventually you will be rewarded with one of the greatest views of Kamloops. I’ll provide the google map below for those of you that would want to take this stroll one afternoon – allow yourself 40 minutes to an hour for the round trip – any longer than that and maybe you’d better lay off the cerveza and tacos.

take the North Copperhead exit off of Hwy #1 and hang a right, a louie and then a dogleg and you’re at the parking lot

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