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“Cowboys and Indians” by Mark Francis

Sorry, just a test of the system. I am trying to see what I can or can not accomplish in terms of programming with this blog. Right now I am trying to see what it would take to link to another site to run a piece of code I’ve found. Uncle Jim might be interested in this link, or perhaps cousin Patrick, it’s a neat little snippet of code for creating jigsaw puzzles and you can try out the puzzle by clicking here.

I know I said I was finished with the Francis family’s websites but the revision keep on coming. I’m off to have a city hike – very boring compared to a walk through big meadow but my butt is starting to approach the size of a medium sized draft horse and I must get mobile. When I get back, I’ll put the finishing touches on Mark’s Website, add an exciting new original by Tim, and update some pricing on Dorothy’s prints.

I would like to mention that the code for the puzzle was created by a company called “somefrogs”  and they have been great to work with. I’d downloaded their free code, had some problems installing it, and when contacted they had a fix to me in no time. You seldom get support like that, even for expensive software. When the time comes for me to purchase the components I need for my next project you can be assured that I will check with them first to see what they have to offer in terms of commercial software. You can check out their site by going to

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