My apologies

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Screen shot of Mark Francis’ new website -created by Frank Ritcey, Cafe Productions

I’ve been reading back through my posts and I realize a shocking truth. I haven’t done anything really stupid lately. No broken bones. No frantic search parties. No additional scars and/or distinguishing features.

In short, I haven’t been my usual self. This working for a living is really starting to cramp my style. I have however finished off another website. This one is for the third of the Francis painters – Mark. I would really like to meet Mark as he sounds like an interesting sort who has spent a lot of time in the film industry and has become quite an accomplished set designer – prop maker type of guy (I think that is the technical term they use in the biz these days).

I’ll post the temporary link to Mark’s site on my personal website: and you can view it there. Leave me a post or comment if you have any trouble loading it. I’ve been having some issues with Internet Explorer and my sloppy coding. Firefox and Chrome are much more forgiving browsers for sure.

If opportunity calls I’m off for a city hike.

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