At long last – I hope

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“Before all the fuss” click on the photo to see full size

I am composing this post in two parts. Right now I am writing a short introduction to the two websites that I hope will be fully functional by the time I finish writing the intro -Editor’s note: they weren’t –

Okay, life interrupted, had a houseful of company and the place was rocking! We had a little get together and my friends came by with some guitars, drums, and a willingness to sing and we  jammed for quite awhile. It’s surprising how many songs we know – and how many of those that we don’t know all the words to.

But the websites are finished and I think show the art of the two Francis’ very well. The third Francis website should be up and running by next weekend. The top photo is one of Tim’s and the bottom is one of his mother’s.

Check out and

“First Snowfall” click on photo to see full size

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