Goodnight Irene!

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Okay, this post is nothing about the old Leadbelly Classic but instead is just what came to me when I was looking at yesterday’s post. It is also a saying that my mother’s family would use to explain the hopelessness of a situation as in  when you’ve used up your last shell and the bear is still coming at you it would be a good time to say all cool and calm like “Well, goodnight Irene!”

I had just about used up all my shells yesterday while trying to get the photo album working on Tim Francis’ new website ( . After three hours of searching through the misbehaving code I found that the new snippet of code I had added had a capital “I” instead of a small “i” on one word buried deep within a Flash application that the website required. A little more tweaking and the site will be fully functional. It is a good start none the less and probably worth the visit.

The painting above is one I just love. It captures the essence of that most enjoyable of pastimes “just hanging out” and enjoying a good old ice cream cone.

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