Good morning world

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Okay, I’ve got a good coffee buzz going and I’m chilling out to some classic Johnny Cash, the coding is going along well and I’ve just prepared and enjoyed a continental breakfast with my good wife. The sun is starting to break to the east and the city is trying to stir from its uneasy slumber.

Mornings are mine. I guess its because there’s so little competition at this time of day. In the morning one can sit high atop their hills (real or metaphoric) and enjoy their kingdoms, fiefdoms, or whatever the deed says is their right. Myself, I see the land stretching out as an invitation to adventure – a new adventure each and every morning. Some mornings will take you out to a piece of ground you’ve never trod before and some mornings will take you back to a well known piece of land but occupied by new animals or a fresh growth of flowers.

In the city I have to satiate my wanderlust by poking and prying into every opportunity presented by civilization. Like a raccoon checking under every rock along a riverbank, I too am checking, but for experiences and interactions that will enrich my journey through this world. But if I don’t get back to finishing this bit of code I might be checking for a new client.

Seize the day!

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