The mark of an artist

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Okay I missed yesterday’s entry but then I had a great excuse. Lot’s of head-banging trying to get one simple procedure to work on my database project, dealing with transferring web domains with a company that couldn’t quite understand what I needed to  happen wasn’t what they wanted to happen, two websites with two different design challenges, and then I invited mom and dad over for supper and sort of got out of control with the menu.

The dinner was pretty good – not Janice Francis good mind you, but pretty good if you were really hungry type of good. The menu was: sopapillas, rice, chicken enchiladas, tacos, nachos with home made guacamole and home made salsa. All in all everything worked well together and I will be eating leftovers for the next two days.

And, as always, it is the third paragraph before I get into what the heck the title is about. My friend Tim, whose art I have mentioned in previous posts, has a brother, Mark, who is also an artist. Once Tim’s site is operational, I will be building a site for Mark.

Mark’s art is brilliant and I’ve included samples of his work above and below this post. What I find so amazing is that all three of the Francis’ display this ability to capture and reproduce images with such an acute eye. I have at times, turned my own hand towards the fine arts but I must admit that I doubt if any of the truly artistic fields are likely to be my genetic inheritance.

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