Hidden in the Midden

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And another busy day draws to a close. I had to pull an all-nighter working on some code that wouldn’t co-operate and didn’t get it to work until the wee hours of morning. A couple hours of shut-eye and then I dragged myself off to the Monday morning ritual of coffee with my good buddy Gerry.

Gerry is working on launching a blog and website, more of which I will tell you about later, and in joining the fray of social media had launched his facebook account. He mentioned that it seemed kind of strange that he would have to invite me to be a friend of his account, seeing as we had been real friends since 1966. But I guess that is the challenge of the information age – remembering what is real, and what is only fabricated by this world of “nots and ones”.

The subject of the title is what I should have got to before this third paragraph had I been any type of a writer (but then again, If I had been any type of a writer I probably wouldn’t have had the varied career I have had and hence would have had nothing to write about – so while you’re trying to un-convolute that bit of reasoning let me talk about the midden .)

While working on my database I got the little pop-up notice that mail had arrived. I am always excited when it is a message from Loyd and there is an attachment. The attachment means either a new song, or a new snippet of video. Today was a video entitled “The Midden”. It’s a little segment we shot about 4 years ago and as I remember, it was a beautiful spring day and we were out in Wells Gray Park looking for some bear activity. We never found the bears so we shot some video about our friend the squirrel. This segment will be added to the squirrel song segment – once I work on the lyrics a little – and Loyd does final production on the music. Then we just write 14 more segments and we’ll have the “Forest Friends DVD” ready for sale at a WalMart near you!

Hope you enjoy.

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