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Tim and Janice came over for a most enjoyable dinner -well, the company was most enjoyable but I think the rice in the jambalaya was overcooked – nice tang to the spice but I should have followed my own instructions and cooked the rice with the other ingredients instead of seperately and then adding. Oh well, live and learn (and learn again it seems).

Tim had said he had exciting news for us when he came over and wouldn’t let us know til they got there. At supper he presented me with a royalty cheque for one of his mother’s paintings that sold via our website. The painting was one of the few originals remaining from Dorothy’s years  of work and the price reflected both the quality and the scarcity of her work.

It must be hard for an artist to sell a work like that. As an author I never have that problem. Not just because people don’t like my stuff but when people do buy something of mine it is always just a copy never the original. It would be very hard for me to, say, write a story and then to sell that story and to know that I would never see it again.

But another Monday beckons so I must go down to the sea again, the lonely sea and the sky – oops, I mean I must go down the the office again . . .

The Girls Team – $24,000 Sold 

  1. Patrick


    Good stuff here . . .how did you end up with all the talent in the family? Poet, songwriter, moose calls, etc. Me? I have to work at trying to put something down.

    I enjoyed reading your entries (your mom put me on to you) and laughing at some of your comments. Great pics . . . sometimes I forget how beautiful BC is.

    Anyway, I marked you down as a blog to follow . . . thanks for the good site.

    Your cousin,
    Patrick Kennedy

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