Picture of the author's book, Tigers, Tumbleweeds, and Trauma

Note: If you’re here looking for the page about the Naturalist Christmas Contest you can choose that from the menu above, or by clicking here.

For everyone else, I’m still plugging away at this site, trying to make it a useful and fun place for readers to visit, and to flog a few of my books.

Speaking of book flogging, I just had another great review of my book come in (otherwise I would not be mentioning it). Authors have a weird relationship with their readers in that feedback is usually very long in coming. Live performers like singers and comedians immediately know how their craft is going over with the audience, writers have like that awkward pause when they are doing live newsfeeds from around the world. If you have read my book please leave a review on the Amazon website where the book was purchased. Click on the book image to go to the Amazon site, where you may purchase the book or leave a review.

I’ve also added a page where I promote the works of the many talented friends that I have. I am blessed to know many artists, writers, and producers of handcrafted items and I thought I should share their talents here (Click here or on the tab that says Frank’s Friends).

I am still trying to figure out how I want to organize this site with my videos, photos, stories, etcetera so the format of the site will remain fluid for awhile.

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